One Tough Week.

It’s been a rough, tough week.

The morning sickness has rallied and pushed back almost to 1st trimester levels of annoyance.  This is, of all things, weather-related.  Yeah, that’s right, my fricking morning sickness responds to the moon, or the tides, or something.  Fortunately the morning sacrifice of a couple of eggs soothes the ravening beast that was my tummy.

Morning sickness has been joined by it’s evil(er) twin ‘evening heartburn’.  I have never had heartburn before.  I suddenly have much more sympathy and understanding for my dad.

Also, I appear to have sprained, or otherwise injured my ankle/foot.  It’s the foot I sit on when I’m curled up on the couch, so my increasing heftiness probably has something to do with it.  Oh, and about that obsession with my weight?  Well, I gained five pounds all in a week, so I’m all better now.

Week 24 is done.  Had my OB appointment.  I get tested for anemia this visit, so we’ll see who wins out, me, or the prescribed iron supplement I refused to take.

I burned out our blender by making frozen lemonade.  This is actually pretty bad, since it’s all I want to drink at the moment.  Ice crushing blade, indeed.  I don’t think that blender could crush crackers to crumbs acceptably.

But worst of all, most terrible of things that could happen…

…the harddrive croaked in my iMac.  So I am computerless.  How am I posting this, you ask?  By sheer force of will!

Actually, The Husband (who is a saint for putting up with me lately) has sacrificed his laptop to my needs.  The laptop, however, no longer props up nice and flat on my tummy.  This just feels weird, so I can’t wait to get my computer back this weekend. For free, thanks to AppleCare. (I shall review my AppleCare experience when it’s back.)

All this in a week where I’ve actually been composing (in my head) some interesting, hopefully thought provoking, writings.  Something better than last weeks whiney drivel about not gaining enough weight and monkey slippers.

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