Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone.

I was having a nice nap to The Planets… until I somehow managed to inhale saliva and woke up in a coughing fit.  If I can’t take my nap in peace, I might as well write instead.

We had a nice morning:  got up, got dressed, went to Mass, then out to breakfast.  Even the choir didn’t annoy me much this morning.  I have a longstanding grudge against our choir because their music choice discourages the congregation from singing.  Songs are either unusual melody-wise, begun to the wrong tempo which they unconsciously speed up in the middle, or have random rests and inappropriately placed fermata.  But today, all the music was nice and singable, without being silly.  In fact it was perfect up until the dismissal, where they threw a couple of full rests into the response, just to mess everyone up show off keep us on our toes.

I can go on for hours like this, much to The Husbands general amusement, but I’ll spare you.  Today.

Mass was lovely this morning, even if I don’t quite fit kneeling anymore.  I keep resolving to get more involved in the parish, but it’s so… inaccessible.  I’ve never been a member of a family parish before, and for the last four years there’s been pitifully little for a young married couple without children to do to meet peers.

Anyhow, there’s tons of stuff I need to get done, so I suppose I should start working on it.

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One Response to Happy Easter

  1. Cat says:

    I feel your pain about the church. I called several times to volunteer with the high school group and finally gave up. It would help if I saw others around my age there….

    Anyways, happy Easter to you too!

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