I have a title!

I have a new title!  It bears very little relation to the Babylon 5 episode of the same name, other than strife.  There are no giant, nuclear, intelligent life-threatening alien probes to be found here.  Move along now.

It is, actually, the title of the never-actually-published-even-online comics that I occasionally draw.  I’ve never been happy enough with my art to let anyone except The Husband see them.  He thinks they’re funny.  But then again, he told me last night that I am unintentionally coercive with him, so his judgement is not what I would call unimpaired.

I was also going to weed out my blog tags, but I find there aren’t many I feel like I could do without.  So they shall remain cluttered and comfortable, like my bookshelves.  Perhaps with a few additions.

Speaking of bookshelves, we babysat our niece* overnight: she was standing in our bedroom saying something to The Husband that he couldn’t quite grasp, the gist of which was that she thought we had lots of books, but hadn’t seen any.  So he told her to look behind her, at the two 6.5’x3′ bookcases that are stacked 2 deep in places, that she had somehow missed.  Her response?


 *  She isn’t actually related to us, but Hispanic family relationships are complicated and not particularly bothered by the lack of an actual blood or marriage tie.  Niece is the best description available. 

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2 Responses to I have a title!

  1. babychaos says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing those comic strips now! Sounds like your book collection is like ours, we put half of it into boxes the other day and they’re still stacked two deep! Sigh…



  2. GeekLady says:

    I’ll put a picture of the bookshelves up sometime.
    We also have five boxes of books in the baby’s room that we don’t have room for on the shelves, but those are about 50% old biology textbooks I wanted to keep for reference.

    The Husband is very strict about selling books he doesn’t want to keep to the used bookstore. Me, not so much.

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