Confession Time

That was not a reference to Lent, timely though it might be.

In addition to the myriad of nasty illness type things I’ve endured over the last couple of months, I’m also pregnant.  20 weeks today, actually.

I’ve been very quiet partly from paranoia; I’ve been obsessing over whether I’ll miscarry again.  Partly because the time that I haven’t been dealing with ordinary sickness, I’ve been either asleep, working, or parked in front of the toilet.  And partly from sheer shyness, because I don’t like to draw lots of attention to myself normally.

But pregnant I am.  Podling is a boy, and he’s due to arrive July 15th.  He has a heartbeat, a wee face, and male genitalia… which I correctly identified on the ultrasound without assistance.  Go me!

Some highlights from today’s appointment:

1)  Apparently the baby kicking can cause you to pass gas, leading you to mistake kicks for gas

2)  If you laugh when the nurse tells you this (while she’s dopplering your tummy) your laughter will echo out of the doppler sounding completely deranged.  It will, in fact, make you laugh harder.

3)  Special patient privilege is to get to take home your glucose challenge bottle of orange nastiness a month early.  This way you can take it about 45 minutes before your appointment and won’t have to show up, drink your glucose, wait an hour, and then get stuck with needles.  Only given to patients that won’t be able to lie about it.  My OB knows all my weak points, including experimental accuracy.

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4 Responses to Confession Time

  1. babychaos says:

    Yes yes yes! Fucking yes! Mine’s a boy too! How did you sit on that for so long? I was gagging to tell everyone at about 8 weeks and only just held on for the magic 12… let alone 20.

    I’m 27 weeks so far and I’ve just done the glucose test, although here we have this drink called lucozaide, they just make you buy a bottle of that… and drink it… and then forget to take your notes to the surgery with you and your husband has to drive up with them! It’s anti-d next week for me.

    I’m taking it you’ve had your scan then and seen mini-you writhing about. Incidentally – loved what you said about gas. I have felt mine kicking since about week 12 but only recently realised it’s the baby and not a HUGE fart building! Although something kicking your guts from the inside, however gently, does seem to induce huge farts, so I reckon I can give myself a bit of slack for my ineptitude… (and farting)!

    If you’ve had your head down the bog I sympathise, I would thoroughly recommend taking exercise as much as you can now (gentle stuff like swiming) to ensure everything stays supple as this should prevent you from doing what I did and going from sickness to SPD (took no exercise to speak of and my back seized up causing my pelvis to give more than it wants to).

    Good going, anyway! Enjoy your orange goo when the time comes.



  2. GeekLady says:

    You should be much more worried about me overexerting myself than otherwise. 🙂

  3. AngieK says:

    OMG!!! Congrats!!!! I am thrilled for you guys!!!!

  4. tinachris says:

    That’s amazing news!! Congratulations!

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