I’m only pretending to be grown up

Via the sneaky use of coupons and gift cards, we’ve acquired the 3rd season of the latest Dr. Who. While it burns to do exactly what stores want you to do with Christmas gift cards (i.e. buy something more expensive and pay for the difference from your pocket) The Husband and I are far too hooked on the show to turn down the opportunity to buy it for only forty bucks.

But those Weeping Angels are the creepiest monster I’ve encountered in years. I enjoyed the episode, but I actually have to sleep with the bedroom and closet doors closed now because I hate opening my eyes and seeing these vague black voids in front of me.

In fact, I must confess a secret: I’m still scared of the dark. Yes, I’m twenty seven, but I’m still scared of the dark. I lay the blame on being terribly myopic. As a kid, how can you learn to not be afraid of the dark when you spend your nights without even 20/20 vision? Sure, things look creepy as a kid, but they’re worse when they’re creepy and blurry and you know you can’t see them accurately. So that mysterious shadow could be benign… but it could be much much worse.

Consequently, I check for creepy statues every time I have to get up in the night.  At least I’ll have good monster-checking credentials when I’m a mom.

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