The Honda has been named:  Revenge.

Yes, like the Dread Pirate Robert’s ship.  But also because it has a manual transmission.  The only thing The Husband wanted in his truck was that it was manual transmission, and that was the one thing his parents refused to consider.  “It would hurt the resale value” of a vehicle that will probably never be resold.

For a sedan, it’s pretty perfect.  It’s not as fun to drive as the Minis we test drove last year, but it’s a little more practical (only a little).  One knitpick – why on earth do they equip a car with LATCH, but only for the outside backseats when everyone recommends that you put a baby seat in the middle?  Nonsensical!

I decided to take us out to Kroger’s yesterday, and The Husband took the keys away as soon as I got into a parking space.  It wasn’t that I was that bad, it just caused him severe pain knowing it was still new.

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