Wedding Sampler

I spent 4 years working on this.  Most of that time it spent mounted on some frame or other and stuffed out of sight, because I was sick of it and had to rip out stitches again.

I have other wip pictures, but don’t feel like adding them.  It turned out gorgeous.  Really really gorgeous.  My goal is to get it laced and framed before our anniversary, and I’ll put another picture up then.

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2 Responses to Wedding Sampler

  1. mab says:

    That is positively GORGEOUS! I’m glad you did finish it. Definitely show us another pic when you get it framed.

    • GeekLady says:

      Hmm. I was just converting a bunch of pages into posts, and thought I’d back dated them to the original page date. Guess they’re showing up in the RSS feed.

      This post is four years old and I still haven’t stretched and framed this sampler! How sad is that?

      Maybe if I hurry, I can still get it done before our eighth anniversary.

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