Time Machine

Originally, I disapproved of Time Machine. What was the point, if it didn’t create a bootable backup? No point at all.

Then it saved my butt when I broke the Dock, and I’ve since revised my position.

Time Machine is excellent… for people that don’t back up at all. And I, for all my knowing better, am one of those people. I did try to institute a backup regime once, and it was so painful that I’ve never bothered since. But Time Machine is easy to use, reasonably customizable, and restors most files without snarky commentary (with some exceptions). I am happy with how it works, admittedly partly out of gratitude. I am very grateful to not need to reinstall Leopard after 2 weeks, and I have a history of unwise tinkering with OS X leading to reinstalls.

But it’s still not what I’d call a real computer backup system. It is great for your files, but it just doesn’t create a bootable disk. So if my harddrive borks, I have to actually get it fixed… and that could take days. I can’t just boot from my Time Machine drive. Disconnect from the computer is painful enough, but if I had work I actually needed to get done, that downtime would be disasterous.

I also don’t know how it works with two computers. The Husband asked me, why, I couldn’t plug my Time Machine drive into his (yet nonexistant) MacBook Pro and just get on with my work. And I don’t know if it will work that way. When his MacBook Pro becomes existant, I’ll be sure to experiment.

So Time Machine gets a thumbs up. Good idea, excellent implementation, but not quite as useful as it could be. Darnit.

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