Spilled coffee

…Because I just needed to spill my freshly purchased ground coffee over the kitchen counter and floor. That’s exactly the way to start a morning where I desparately need my coffee, I have a take home exam in Epidemiology to finish, and spent the night having bad dreams about work.

Thank God I only spilled a little bit, but you have no idea the mess it makes until you have to clean it up. Technically the Roomba cleaned it up, as I already proved I’m not coordinated enough to do simple mechanical tasks at 6 am.

I had nightmares all last night about this stupid powerpoint presentation I’m putting together for the boss. Because he’s procrastinated till the very last minute, again, and he just can’t hold me late tonight, I have class.

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2 Responses to Spilled coffee

  1. babychaos says:

    I shouldn’t laugh but that just reminds me of the way I am. Then there’s the one where, just before you’re about to go into a job interview you tip the cup a bit early and spill water down your shirt and look like a retard… ever done that one?



  2. GeekLady says:

    No, but I haven’t had a terrible lot of job interviews either. However so far today, I nearly fell down the steps of the lecture hall after cardiology grand rounds, walked into a corner, and whammed my head into the corner of an open cupboard while I was unloading the dishwasher.

    I also have a disturbing tendancy to spill transfer buffer (COLD transfer buffer!) on the worst possible part of my pants.

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