Fordyce’s Law

This is so obscure it’s not even in Wikipedia. Go me.

Established by Willard Fordyce of the University of Washington Medical School, it says: People suffer less when they find something better to do.

And in keeping with this, I’ve been keeping myself very, very busy. Work has been very demanding since the beginning of September, my clinical research courses have picked up again with Epidemiology, and when I am at home, the last thing I’m doing is sitting at the computer.

What I am doing is picking up my embroidery again. I tend to start big projects and work on them for a couple weeks, then put them down for six months and start the cycle over again. But working on cross stitch feels good, it’s my therapy. When I’m sitting down working on it, I know that I can do at least one thing well.

I have a baptismal gift for my goddaughter that I’m almost done with, but I need a break from working with blending filament, so I’m working on the wedding sampler I started 6 months before my wedding. This January will be my 4th anniversary, and I’d like to have it done by then.

I promise to try and write more, but writing is such a chore for me. This post, simple and unadorned, has taken almost 45 minutes to type up. I don’t express myself well in words, so I take extra time to try and do better in text.

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One Response to Fordyce’s Law

  1. babychaos says:

    Sounds like an ace plan. It sounds like you’ve had a tough year so I hope it works and you are soon feeling chirpier.

    Take care you.



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