One Year Older…

…one year closer to menopause.

It’s been four months since I’ve posted, and a very rough four months it’s been. Summed up, 2 valley weddings, 2 gaming weekends, 1 graduation party, 1 camping trip to colorado, 1 friend’s new baby, 1 baptism, 2 nasty colds, 2 summer students at work, an unpleasant encounter with my former NFP teacher, innumerable embroidery projects, and miscarriage number two. I feel like I’ve been saving up all my leftover cheerfulness for when I’m around others so that I don’t depress the people I’m around.

And at work, Nosy persists on talking about all the women who’ve had babies over the summer and how much weight they’ve already lost. And she will not take a hint. Heck, I could be blunt and she wouldn’t get that either.

I don’t have time to write much now, but I felt like I had to jump right back in and say something.

Today is also my (for lack of better words) niece’s sixth birthday. Happy Birthday sweetie, though I know you’ll never read this.

[Edit] I didn’t mention how old I got, I just turned 27. It’s so not fair to feel young and old at the same time.

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3 Responses to One Year Older…

  1. babychaos says:

    Shit! What a pisser. I’m really sorry to hear that… on the up side, at least you’ve made two, if it’s any consolation, I seem to be singularly lacking in the ability to produce another one.

    As for Nosy, a lot of my friends are making their second now so you have my sympathy.

    Take care you.



  2. babychaos says:

    Hey, don’t worry. You have bags of time, I promise. I’m 39.



  3. AngieK says:

    So sorry to hear all that you’ve been through lately. I’m sending big hugs your way.

    I am glad to see you blogging again.

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