I can’t think of a witty title…

…mostly because I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee. Oh well, I’ll let it slide. Most of the puns on leopards and the changing of spots have been done to death anyway.

So Leopard is delayed until October. Whoop de do. Some people are upset. Some are hyperanalyzing how delaying OS X could possibly delay Leopard. Some have gone full out whack-job conspiracy theorist on it. And some people *coughTheHusbandcough* rejoice that it gives them more time to save for a MacBook Pro.

Here’s my take on things:

  1. Were Leopard’s programmers really diverted to the iPhone? Who knows. I don’t know enough about developing to make that call. I’ll merely point out that the original press release didn’t say programmers. It said resources. And there are all sorts of resources. Computers. Money. Time.
  2. Everyone is in a hurry to compare Leopard’s delay to Vista’s. Except that Vista’s chief amusement wasn’t the delay in itself, it was that it was delayed trying to offer features that OS X already offered, and in some cases had offered for years. (I’m actually being more severe here than I should be, but that’s a whole post in and of itself.)

Ultimately, I don’t care if Leopard is delayed as long as it’s a good product. I suppose this restraint makes me less of a geek. But I think it’s silly to get worked up over one four month product delay.

I also have to face facts: I’m poor, and the longer I have to save my pennies for Leopard, the more likely I’ll be able to buy a copy when it becomes available.

I mistook some dates earlier, the years are starting to blur together for me :-/ Yes, Tiger came out in April 2005, not 2006, and it’s been 2 years since an update. The major event that happened between times was my laptop dying and my switch. Sorry. I still think that fussing over the delay is unwarranted, though.

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