The iPod is dead. Long live the iPod.

Back in January my iPod died. Boot errors, damaged HD – there wasn’t much I could do. Including buy a new iPod right away, we just didn’t have the spare cash with all my hospital bills.

Until last month, when The Husband surprised me with a brand new nano.

I was… dubious at first. Only 4 gigs? That’s 1/5 of the space my old iPod had and there were newer models. But I liked the flash memory, that was important given how banged around the last one got. Cat asked me why I didn’t just spend the extra fifty bucks and get a video iPod. But I’m never in a situation where I can just sit down and watch an iPod video where I don’t have a computer available to me.

And I love it. It’s completely weird, but I’ve used that nano more in the last month than I think I ever used my first iPod. Why? Because it’s actually charged. Why is it charged? Because it’s only 4 gigs, I occassionally update the content. Which means it actually gets plugged in occasionally.

That’s the funny thing, people are always complaining that capacities are too small, that they need to be bigger. My dad has a nano, but he wishes it was 30 gigs instead of 2. And I’m just happy that I have to swap music out on it and can therefore remember to charge it occassionally.

I’m just mad the nano’s no longer come in white. Silver just isn’t the same.

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